Tara Smith, M.A.

Welcome to Elemental. My name is Tara. 

I am a Master's level Counsellor, Family Mediator, and Divorce Coach. I work with individuals, couples and families dealing with trauma, high conflict issues, grief, mental health, and life transitions. I believe we each have the ability to live our best life, within our means, if we choose to. I would like to help you discover what that means for you. 

My Story

Raised in the Okanagan, I have lived throughout BC most of my life-from Vancouver Island, to the North, to the small but lovely town of Vernon. I have worked in the bush as a tree-planter, as a cook on a prawn trawler, and in restaurants and cafe's, as a government worker, and a mom.

Professionally, I have worked with people from all walks of life; people recovering from addiction, people dealing with separation and divorce, people going through life transitions, as well as those coping with grief and end of life decisions.  To be effective and in integrity, I have dedicated my life to my own health and recovery as well. 

I subscribe to the notion that 'we are all just walking each other home' (Ram Dass). 

Life is a short and curious journey. I would say our primary objective is to leave the world slightly better than when we arrived. I choose to do so by helping people discover their 'way'. This could mean learning better skills to cope with anxiety, depression, or anger. Maybe teaching people methods of living with physical pain or loss. Or coming to an understanding of how to care for a family member with mental health struggles or disorders. 

My greatest joy and satisfaction comes from seeing people 'get it'! 


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